The Shire of Ravenshore is composed of Lake and Mendocino Counties, located within The Marches of The Kingdom of the West, a kingdom of The Society for Creative Anachronism.

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November 5th (Wed) - A&S working on signs and flyers for upcoming Demo (Wowser in Willits, CA)

November 9th (Sun) - SCA Demo happening in Willits (11 am to 4 pm at Wowser - looking for fighters, A&S demos, etc )

November 12th (Wed) - SCA Shire Meet and Greet event at Wowser, heavy fighter practice (Willits, CA - 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm)

November 19th (Wed) - A&S  (Wowser in Willits, CA)

December 3rd (Wed) - A&S  (Wowser in Willits, CA)

December 6th - Allyshia's Yule Feast (Eureka, CA)

December 10th (Wed) - Heavy Fighter Practice (Wowser in Willits, CA)

December 17th (Wed) - A&S (Wowser in Willits, CA)

January 2nd - 12th Night Coronation (Sacramento, CA)

January 7th (Wed) - Heavy Fighter Practice (Wowser in Willits, CA)

January 14th (Wed) - A&S  (Wowser in Willits, CA)

January 21st (Wed) - Heavy Fighter Practice (Wowser in Willits, CA)

January 28th (Wed) - A&S  (Wowser in Willits, CA)

Members' Spotlight

Sir Kolskeggr Skialdarbriotr & Lady Katla Von Walraversijde

The new 

Prince and Princess of the Mists

Join us in research and reenactment of pre-17th century Europe. Escape the reality of today's world, and play in the current middle ages, as we explore the arts, sciences, and pageantry of medieval times.


Shire News

*** The Shire would like to send many thank yous to Matt Reed for having posted a fantastic article about our Shire and the SCA, and what we're all about, in the Fort Bragg Advocate News! Please take a moment to go and read it! ***

November 2014

To the Members of the Populace:

The winter is the quiet season in our organization.  Don't fear, however, as there are still plenty of things going on in our Shire.  Our bi-weekly fighter practices at Wowser in Willits are now alternating with the A&S workshops (at the same location.) So every Wednesday evening you can find something fun happening in Willits!

A message from our Princess of the Mists:
We have been asked to do a demo 11/9/14 at Wowser for 11 to 4 in Willits, CA. We are looking for fighters, heavy and rapier, Arts and Science demos,especially clothing, cooking, and/or scribal arts. We will be doing a follow up meet and greet (hopefully with food) the following Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:30 also at Wowser.

If you're interested in learning more, in participating in an event, there's something specific you would like to learn, or you want to teach something, please contact us! We would love to hear from you!

Yours Ever In Service,
Ádís of Ravenshore
Ravenshore's Seneschal

Please note: There will not be any practices or A&S occurring on Dec. 24th and Dec. 31st due to holidays occurring.

Please check the list of upcoming events to the left for info on which dates things are happening!