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Join us in research and reenactment of pre-17th century Europe. Escape the reality of today's world, and play in the current middle ages, as we explore the arts, sciences, and pageantry of medieval times.

The Shire of Ravenshore is composed of Lake and Mendocino Counties, located within The Marches of The Kingdom of the West, a kingdom of The Society for Creative Anachronism.

Thorfinn & Violante

King & Queen of The West

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Ádís of Ravenshore

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Seneschal of Ravenshore



April 19th -  Fighter Practice, A&S Meeting, and Business Meeting.  First meeting of the year, happening in Willits! Please come to the Charter School in Willits from 2:30 pm to 9 pm (you can leave any time before 9 but that's the latest we can be in there!) Don't worry if you need to come later than 2:30... come out and join us!

May date TBD - Our alternating Fighter Practices will happen again this month! Check back with this space for dates and locations!

July 19th (date subject to change) - Feast of Beasts, to be held on the Coast (Mendocino County). More information forthcoming; the autocrat will be  Ádís of Ravenshore.

September 20th - Ravenshore will hold its first tournament in many years!  Tournament to be held in Spring Valley (Lake County), the autocrat will be Lady Katus Czygan.

Shire News



A proposal was made for Ravenshore to merge with the Barony of Allyshia. The coast, the 101 corridor, and Lake County would split into three cantons. There are two main benefits to this. First, we would have the financial backing of a larger group to help us fund events that will bring in more people. Secondly, we would have a Baron and/or Baroness who can give awards. The long term goal is to build the population until the Barony of Allyshia becomes a Principality. Then the smaller cantons throughout Allyshia will become Shires and Baronies, and Ravenshore would be a Barony within the Principality of Allyshia. We ask all shire members to please consider this proposal, and give us your feedback ASAP! 


March 29, 2014

We had a very eventful meeting tonight. Most officer positions are filled, but we are in need of deputies for every office. Ravenshore's new officers are:

Seneschal – Adis of Ravenshore

Exchequer - Lady Solange of Vinhold

Arts & Sciences – Lady Katla van Walraversijde

Marshal – Sir Kolskeggr Shieldbreaker

Constable – Lavender Dawn Irvin

Chronicler – Lady Katus Czygan

We are still in need of the following officers:

Herald - help people develop and register names & heraldic devices, and makes announcements at events and court. 

Chatelaine - Greets newcomers and shows them the ropes

Chirurgeon - The designated first aid person. MUST have a current First Aid & CPR certificate.