The Shire of Ravenshore is composed of Lake and Mendocino Counties, located within The Marches of The Kingdom of the West, a kingdom of The Society for Creative Anachronism.

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August 12th Rapier Fighting Practice (Fort Bragg, CA - Bainbridge Park) 

August 20th - Heavy Fighter Practice & Arts and Sciences Workshop - Class TBA (Willits,CA - Wowser, Commercial St)

August 22nd - 24th - Purgatorio Coronation (Barony of Allyshia - Arcata)

August 26th - Rapier Fighter Practice (Fort Bragg, CA)

September 3rd - Heavy Fighter Practice and Arts & Sciences Workshop - Class TBA (Willits, CA)

September 9th - Rapier Fighter Practice (Fort Bragg, CA)

September 17th - Heavy Fighter Practice and Arts & Sciences Workshop - Class TBA (Willits, CA)

September 20th - Ravenshore will hold its first tournament in many years!  The Ravenshore Rapier Tournament and Harvest Festival is to be held in Fort Bragg (Mendocino Coast). The Autocrat will be Ádís of Ravenshore. Please contact Ádís for additional information, to buy advance discount tickets, or if you want to help with the event!

Members' Spotlight

Sir Kolskeggr Skialdarbriotr & Lady Katla Von Walraversijde

The new 

Prince and Princess of the Mists

Join us in research and reenactment of pre-17th century Europe. Escape the reality of today's world, and play in the current middle ages, as we explore the arts, sciences, and pageantry of medieval times.


Shire News

*** The Shire would like to send many thank yous to Matt Reed for having posted a fantastic article about our Shire and the SCA, and what we're all about, in the Fort Bragg Advocate News! Please take a moment to go and read it! ***

July 2014

To the Members of the Populace:

So far, our activities are going very well in the Shire! There has been increasing numbers of attendees for both of our practices (Rapier on the Coast, and Heavy fighting in Willits).  Thanks once again to Don Justin for running our Rapier practices, and to Lord Ulf, His Highness Kolskeggr, and Sir Eric for our inland heavy practices!  Many thank you's also to Heidi and Her Highness Katla for their A&S workshops at the Willits practices; also to Lady Aurelia de Montfort of Vinhold for coming on the 9th of July to teach a fantastic workshop about making your own cheeses!  

Please see our Calendar page for more information on these upcoming events, including locations, exact dates, and times!  If you have an idea for any additional Arts and Sciences topics that you would like to learn about, please contact the Seneschal or the Arts & Sciences Officer (Lady Katla) or her deputies in each region of the shire (Ádís on the coast, Katla or Heidi in the corridor, or Katus in Lake County).  Or should you like to teach a class, please contact Ádís to discuss a time and place for your class!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Lady Katus has elected to step down from the Autocrat position for our Shire's Tournament.  There have been the following changes made to this event:

  • The new Autocrat for the event will be Ádís of Ravenshore.
  • The Ravenshore Harvest Festival will be taking place on the coast (in Fort Bragg - exact location TBD).
  • This will be a one day event with camping space available for Friday and Saturday nights.  Camping space is available first come, first served.  There are plenty of hotel accommodations in town for those wishing for those options.  (The Motel 6 is particularly nice, and has a pool and spa.)
  • There will be a gate fee for this event.  These fees go to cover the costs of the site; any additional monies are used for future Shire events, creating Gold Key loaner garb, loaner armor, and loaner weapons for our Shire's participants.  

It will be $15 (non member) a person if purchased in advance (kids under 14 are free admittance), $25 (non member) each if purchased at the gate.  SCA members get a discounted rate: $10 in advance or $20 purchased at the gate with your membership card (the extra $5 covers the non-member surcharge that goes to the Kingdom).  If you would like to purchase tickets in advance for a discount, please contact the Seneschal/Autocrat!

The following activities will be part of our festivities:

There will be a Rapier tournament (pending confirmation of our Rapier Marshal's attendance) in the Evening time of the 20th (Saturday).  This tournament will determine Ravenshore's Rapier Champion, and the Shire would like to invite those from other parts of the West Kingdom to come and compete with us!

There will be a Basic Cookery workshop held at this event.  This is a class especially geared toward those who are new to the organization: we will discuss "What is period cooking?", practice cooking a few simple period or period-friendly dishes over a fire, have a tasting of more period dishes, and end with a Q&A session about period cookery! There will be a $5 fee per participant to help cover the cost of supplies.

Lady Katus and Ádís of Ravenshore desire to invite participants to join us Saturday evening for a Bardic singing circle and writing workshop.  We will learn a bit about period music, writing filks, and sharing our gifts and talents of singing and playing music with each other.  Please bring with you any instruments you may have and know how (or want to learn how) to play. 

Ádís of Ravenshore would like to invite attendants and the Public of all ages to explore some period board game play! Game to be taught and provided for this event will be announced at a later date; gameboards and pieces will be provided to learn to play the games. Initial introduction to the game to be held Friday evening and repeated Saturday morning; games will be made available for practice through the day on Saturday.  Potential for a Sunday morning tournament, with the winner to receive a prize of their own copy of the game to take home and master.  More information to follow.

Ravenshore’s Young Participants are invited to participate in a Great and Glorious Unicorn Hunt/scavenger hunt. Information to follow.

Ádís of Ravenshore will be working to give a lesson on heraldry, and attempt to help kids design their own “devices for the day”.  Cardboard shield cut outs will be provided.  Donations of paints would be gratefully appreciated.  Parents please pack an old worn t-shirt for each of your children that you won’t mind potentially getting a bit of paint on.

Children are also encouraged and invited to participate in the period board games activities, as well as the Bardic singing circle!

There will be a silent auction held through the weekend to help raise funds for the Shire.  Please contact the Autocrat if you can donate something for the auction.

There will be a Pancake Breakfast fundraiser provided by the event coordinators on Saturday and Sunday morning for participants; monies collected from these breakfasts will help to raise funds for the Shire.  There will be a gluten free (steel cut oatmeal) option available as well. 

(And YES the Rapier Tournament will be open to others from outside of Ravenshore - we wish to encourage our friends and allies to join us!  You do not have to be a Ravenshorian to be declared our Champion!)

I am so excited to see many great things happening in our shire!  Please contact me to let me know anything I can possibly do to help you, whether you are highly experienced or just getting started!  My two desires as Seneschal are to 1) Increase the life and activity of our shire, and 2) to encourage more families to join us (there are so many fun things to do for ALL ages!)  If you are interested in attending our Shire's Festival for the advance ticket price, please contact the Seneschal at for more information!

Yours Ever In Service,
Ádís of Ravenshore
Ravenshore's Seneschal